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27 Free Remote Team Collaboration Tools for Digital Nomads and Startups (2019)

With an increasingly connected world, remote teams are becoming far too common. If managed correctly, they can give you huge ROI without any significant investment in infrastructure like office space, etc.

Also how cool it is to cherry pick the best minds to work from you without any borders hindering your team building process.

But remote teams are not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a very nuanced and specific way to manage them and streamline the work every day for maximum output.

Here are 27 completely free remote team collaboration tools every digital nomad and remote entrepreneur should have in his or her toolkit.

From team communication tools, time synchronization apps to remote brainstorming tools, this epic team collaboration tool list covers everything you need to manage a remote team effectively in 2019.

At the time of making, all the tools in the list have a free forever option.

Take advantage of this Goldmine!

Free Team Collaboration Tools

A screen capture and screen recording app which comes with annotation and comments feature. Perfect for remote team collaboration.

2. Trello

One of the biggest free project management tools. Manage everything from your life, travel plans to business/client related stuff by arranging them by different categories in Trello.

Drown out the info noise and focus on get things done for you and your team with ClickUp.

4. Wirke

Get a simple toned down tasks lists for your teams to view and take action on.

5. Slack

The godfather of team collaboration. Use Slack to communicate ideas in a unique chat room filled with your team members. A perfect tool for growing startups.

6. Flock

Arrange all your work and productivity tools in one place with Flock.

7. Zoom

Have free video conferences and share ideas face to face with Zoom.

Create a special video chat room and share the link via email, slack or chat.

The original video communication tool. Use it for its simple and familiar interface.

Create content together with your team and never worry about losing data with the almighty Google Docs.

Learn new languages in a fun gamified form with Duolingo. Perfect for digital nomads traveling to different countries.

12. Awwapp

Express spur of the moment ideas, funnels, and business plans quickly by drawing it on this free whiteboard tool. Love this one.

13. Zapier

Seamlessly integrate different apps and make them work together to give you maximum output. Zapier is known for getting difficult things done smoothly.

Airtable is the marriage between spreadsheets and database. Use the field of Airtable to attach important files, drop super long text notes, create checkboxes and more.

A work hour and time zone management tool for working with remote teams. Use it to know when will be the right time to reach a lead, or communicate tasks to your remote team. A very handy tool for digital nomads.

16. Loop

Arrange all your emails, messages and content at one place and make your emails more effective with a productivity-focused UX.

Use this instant messaging app to share and convey ideas with your remote team. Free for 10 users.

Use this app to collect, collaborate, and visualize ideas with your remote team in real time. The app is fast, engaging and the next best thing to sitting in person.

19. FIO

Eliminate the nuisance of time zone difference by quickly having time zones laid out.

Another time zone management app.

21. Any.Do

Organize your tasks, lists and reminders in one simple app.

Collaborate and thread conversations using this free app.

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Free File Sharing Software

Share files and images safely and securely with a Dropbox link. Get 2 GB of free space to store your documents and images on the world’s no.1 cloud storage app.

2. pCloud

Go 5x better than Dropbox with 10 GB of free space with this leading cloud storage app. Just like Dropbox, generate custom data links for sharing with your team members.