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3 Personal Branding Growth Hacks That Will Make You Influential in 2019

With every passing year, building a solid personal brand is becoming a quintessential ingredient in the recipe for business success.
Anyone who tactfully applies proven personal branding strategies is set to gain a lot in 2019.
Based on that, here are some very innovative personal branding growth hacks that I learned from some of the biggest marketing experts in the world today.

1. The Frank Kern Newscaster Method

I learned this dead simple but highly effective trick from one of my Internet Marketing mentors, Frank Kern.

But don’t let the simplicity of this method fool you on how effective this can be. 

So here’s what you do:

You simply pick up a video (can be educational, can be a discussion) based on your niche and make a blog article commenting on it.

For example, if you are in the niche of teaching lead guitar, then simply go on YouTube and look for videos of people teaching the same. Find one of the best videos and ask the permission of the video creator if you can share it on your site (most will say YES immediately).

Put the video on your site with a write up on the technique being used, any alternative methods you suggest, etc. The idea is to make your post an extended read accompanying the video. 

That’s it! This will showcase your knowledge in a very simple and easy manner and also help build a relationship with the video creator who might as well give you a shout-out in front of their audiences. 

A double whammy for your personal branding!

2. Working for your Dream 100 or the Inception Tactic

This one can be frowned upon as it needs a bit of work. But trust me, the results will be awesome. 

A lot of people, especially freelancers get upset at the idea of working for free.  I get you on that, as I have been there myself. But there is a great benefit of working for free IF (and the IF is important) you work for the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Seek out influencers in your niche, or as Russell Brunson calls it, the Dream 100. Seek them out from YouTube, Podcasts, FB groups, etc. Then request them to let you work for them for free in return for a video testimonial and a shoutout to their well-built audience base.

Now here’s the GOLD part. After you get the video testimonial, package it attractively and run ads on them targeting the very audiences of the influencer.

This way you will incept authority and create favoring emotions in the minds of audiences interested in your niche.

3. Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method Hack (fine-tuned for personal branding)

When you speak the language of your audience, you strike that special cord with them. Ryan Levesque’s ASK method teaches precisely that. Basically, you just put up a survey asking people what they want. Then you build it. 

At its core, there are two questions you need to ask your audiences:

a) What is the no.1 challenge right now in their business?

b) What all have they done till now to solve it?

When you get these answers and then build consistent content to solve this pain point, you will be seen as their ideal solution provider. 

As you highlight their frustrations and failures in their own language, they will feel that you understand their problem better than anyone else.

Next, when you present your solution in an easily consumable way, you will instantly be seen as a problem solver. This will magnetically pull people to your brand.