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26 Free Lead Generation and Sales Software for Entrepreneurs and Startups (2019)

For all the other jazz, at the end of the day, a business can only survive if it has a continuous flow of customers.

But with heavy competition in every industry, getting customers is becoming more and more difficult.

First, you need to know how to contact your prospect and what to say to them.

Secondly, you need to really stand out from the crowd in order to get noticed by your prospect and get them to do business with you.

All of this can be expensive enough to handle for a new startup founder or a freelancer to afford.

Based on that, here are 26 completely free lead generation tools and sales software that you can use to get customers today.

Free Prospecting Tools

Quickly find important emails of any company by just entering their domain name.

Use the free chrome extension version of LinkedIn Sales navigator to get insights on people you are communicating with on emails.

Find local leads in your area with this free tool.

Find up to 50 emails with their free forever plan.

See Facebook and work info of your leads on Gmail.

Find details about anyone with a billion strong database of public records.

Free Lead Capture Tools

1. Sumo

Use this free lead capture software to convert your site visitors into leads for your business.

Capture leads and find out more about them with info about their job profiles, social media profiles and more. Track how they landed up to your site.

3. Flowlu

Another great free alternative to the above free tools.

Free SMTP Tools

Send 100 emails a day forever with core marketing features.

Set up an SMTP server in minutes and achieve deep personalization with this tool.

Free SMTP server with 24/7 support and advanced features.

Free Email Marketing Automation Tools

Simple Email Marketing software to send newsletters to your subscribers.

Set up an SMTP server in minutes and achieve deep personalization with this tool.

Keep sending emails to your leads with automated reminders.

Free Spam Testing Tools

Test if your email is spam worthy.

An alternative to the tool above.

Free Proposals and Invoicing Tools

1. And Co

Create simple proposals and invoice your customers with this handy tool for freelancers.

Get your digital documents signed with this tool. The free version allows for 3 documents per month.

A free professional invoice making app.

Create simple invoices easily and in minutes.

5. Wave

Free invoicing and accounting app. 

Another great invoicing tool.

Free Personalized Video Messaging Tools

1. Loom

Use Loom to record your screen and webcam at the same time, and run your customers/leads through different processes.

2. Dubb

A tool similar to Loom.

Free Meeting Scheduling Tool

Use this free software to schedule meetings with your leads.