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How I use my proven Brand Bridge Solutions system® to achieve the following for B2B SaaS companies:

1) Top Google rankings that rank for years – Uninterrupted
2) Future-proof it for every Google algorithm update
3) Make their blog the biggest lead generator of their company
4) Increase their overall domain authority and brand standing

Work with me to get top Google rankings, golden geese traffic, high-quality leads, and move the needle of revenue growth.

More than 9+ years of SEO experience, coupled with a trench-tested system for writing high ranking content, has given me a unique perspective on dominating the SERPs.

Going through the ever-changing world of Google and its updates have given me a sharp idea about what works on search engines and what doesn’t.

This experience has helped me develop a system that acts as the sharpest and most definitive way to rank on Google in 2023 and BEYOND.

My unique system consists of proven content tactics that consistently rank no.1 on search engines along with an advanced sequence of battle-tested conversion optimization systems and tools.

The result

A killer mix of magnetic copy and content optimization that is primed to rank on top of Google, getting you a surge of traffic and high-quality leads for your business.

Keep reading to know how I have ranked each and every one of my clients on the first page of Google without fail.


The primary value-addition differentiating me from other content creators is the focus on creating content assets that do the following:

A) Generate inbound leads for multiple years
B) Rank on top of Google (uninterrupted for years)
C) Strategically increase domain authority


Helping B2B SaaS companies make their blogs into a customer acquisition goldmine

I help B2B SaaS companies make their blog into a customer acquisition goldmine without risks like expensive advertising or uncertainties like social media organic reach or Google Algorithm updates.

I do this using my self-developed Brand Bridge Solutions® content growth engine method – A laser-focused sequence of cutting-edge non-traditional strategies and smart tools that make your B2B SaaS content rank on top of Google, generate media attention, and get heaps of highly qualified traffic that’s ready to buy from you.

All this to convert your blog into a customer-acquisition goldmine, without any algorithm changes or any other uncertainty coming in the way.

It is time to make your blog your best salesperson.

As a leading B2B SaaS Content Writer and Content Marketer, I have also created The Starting Idea. It is an award-winning business growth magazine that makes B2B SaaS companies stay 2 steps ahead of the competition at all times. I do that by only providing the latest non-traditional strategies and forward-thinking tools that focus on acquiring high-quality leads through content marketing.

As a B2B SaaS content writer and marketer, I rank for over 2100 keywords ranking on top of Google, spanning across niches like lead generation software, e-commerce tools, personal branding, and other general entrepreneurship-focused topics.

Are you a B2B SaaS company struggling to get customers organically?

Have you tried all the content hacks and SEO checklists but still failing to rank your content for search terms that actually bring revenue for your company and improve your MRR?

With my Brand Bridge Solutions® content growth engine system, B2B SaaS companies can expect:

1) A surge in their MRR due to high-quality leads converting to customers.

2) The company blog becoming their No.1 lead generation tool.

3) Top rankings for multiple targeted keywords and search terms that customers are looking for.

4) Media authority without manual outreach.

5) A proven system for streamlined content creation and promotion to avoid risky hit and trial methods and production hiccups.

I have previously written for major business publications like Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, YourStory, Influencive, and more.

My content has garnered over 1 million views worldwide with multiple viral hits.

My content has been shared by B2B SaaS industry influencers like Larry Kim of WordStream and Mobile Monkey.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here.


WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY ABOUT WORKING WITH ME (excerpts and screenshots from LinkedIn)

My content has garnered over 1 MILLION views and HAS BEEN seen in


My content has been seen on mainstream media outlets.

Here are a few examples.






This data taken from Moz in 2019 shows how I ranked for 2100 keywords (with 369 keywords on top 10) with that was only 2 years 10 months old back then.

Also, these rankings spread across multiple niches, often outranking industry heavyweights like Hubspot, Forbes, and Neil Patel.

Though these industry heavyweights have a ton of niche-focused content, my content outranks them by using our perfect content system.


1st rank on google for my blog (uninterrupted ranking on page 1 for 4+ years without any ads or outreach)

  • No.1 rank for Free Ecommerce Tools (ranking above high-authority ecommerce sites)

  • Page 1 rank for Free Lead Generation tools

  • Page 1 rank for Content Research Tools
  • No.1 rank for Free Competitive Analysis Tools (ranking above SEO influencers like Neil Patel).

  • No.1 rank For free Personal Branding Tools

  • Page 1 rank for Startup Growth Hacking (outranking Neil Patel and Ahrefs).
  • Page 1 rank For Free Collaboration Tools
  • Page 1 rank for Free CRO tools & Free conversion rate optimization tools.

And many more.

In fact, you can Google them right now and see the results for yourself.






141k uSERS FOR The Starting idea (ACCOMplished WITHOUT SINGLE LINK-BUILDING OUTREACH OR ADS. Solely through my white hat content growth recipes )



Interviews I conducted with global experts

Social media mentions by Influncers

My Content being recommended by Clickminded, one of the top SEO blogs of the world. Check it out for yourself.


Here’s the list of certificates I have earned from DigitalMarketer:

1) Content Marketing Specialist

2) Customer Value Optimization Specialist

3) Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

4) Email Marketing Specialist



I will use my 9+ years of SEO Content experience, ranking over 2100 keywords on Google (outranking industry heavyweights like HubSpot and Forbes) to scale your brand and outrank your competition.


1) Epic Content Creation 

My content assets will act like a virtual salesman, bringing you a surge of golden geese traffic and high-quality leads every month. All in automation. Once done, it will keep bringing you the most relevant leads.

Together, we will create the most standout piece of content in your industry that acts as an ultimate resource for topics in your niche. This will attract the most relevant leads in the market and dominate media authority by ranking on top of Google.

I will use my self-developed and fine-tuned Brand Bridge Solutions® content growth engine system to create the triple effect of making the content rank on top of google, get golden geese traffic, and collect warm leads.

The  Brand Bridge Solutions® system will leverage:

A) Goldmine keyword strategy 

B) Skyscraper Strategy

C) 2000 Medium Headlines Swipe file + My constantly growing A/B tested viral hook swipe file

D) Blue Ocean Content Research

E)  Sequence of smart opportunity tools and in-house software

F) Conversational content optimized towards transformation 

G) CTA seeding and subliminal triggers

H) Pre-framing the close

I) Grammar and readability optimized

J) Adding relevant images, screenshots, and GIFs

Avoid guesswork and hit and trial methods.

The  Brand Bridge Solutions® system is based on actual data-backed science, leveraging data from real-time industry research. All this to create winning content assets that will get you sales in perpetuity.


2) Conversion-optimized copy 

My magnetic copy system will attract relevant leads by cleaning up your message and powering it up with psychological triggers, while simultaneously cleaning up the jargon that is not letting your leads come to you.

I will customize my A/B tested copywriting framework to optimize your messaging and fix all the leaky plugs to make it a conversion machine. Using advanced CRO techniques, Robert Cialdini-inspired persuasion techniques, and BORON letters inspired product psychology, I will optimize your messaging to make your traffic convert to leads and sales.

Here’s what we will leverage:

1) The deep-dive questionnaire (7 magic questions)

2) Neuro-linguistic programming applied to copy

3) Cialdini-styled persuasion triggers

4) Halbert-inspired product psychology

5) Pre-framing the close

6) Grammar and readability optimized

Do not waste the traffic that comes to your site. Convert them into demos, meetings, and bookings by making your copy play the psychological match. Optimize it to appeal to the inner game of your clients.

Here are a few salient features of my system:

– Pure White Hat SEO techniques (we are building a brand that will last for years to come, so all optimization has to be legit with a high Google Health Score)

– Increase in high-quality and highly nurtured traffic

– Increase in domain authority with consistent epic content pieces

– Discovering blue ocean keyword opportunities using my Goldmine strategy

– Creating high-CTR generating headlines using my 2000 Medium headline swipe file.

– Using Cialdini-styled persuasion triggers

– Unearthing hidden influence levers and attention-drivers using my 7-magic-questions deep dive

– Unearthing the hidden needs, pains, and desires of the target market (to convert the golden geese traffic into leads and lower the bounce rate)

– Leveraging smart opportunity tools that uncover hidden opportunities and juicy growth levers like these:

Starting from our in-house SEO tool that is optimized to unearth blue ocean goldmine keyword opportunities:

Analyzing content for SERP scores based on top 20 SERP results:


Optimize for all the main words, phrases, and topics:



Analyze meta descriptions, titles, headings, and more:


Analyse content for readability:




And a whole lot more.



Content Research

A walkthrough of the exact content creation system I used to rank no.1 for multiple search terms.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the 4 step process I use to create content that wins on search engine repeatedly.


Firstly, I use Ahrefs Content Explorer and Buzzsumo to find the best-performing articles based on a given topic.

This gives me a set of articles based on the highest number of backlinks and social shares.

Next, I pick the best content pieces and use the skyscraper technique on them.

The Skyscraper technique involves researching on the best content pieces on a given topic and then formulating your own original piece with fresher examples, step by step guides, and more in-depth content with data.

The idea is to deep dive into a topic and deliver more high-value angles, takeaways, and examples than other blogs competing for the search term.

Content Research Toolkit

1. Ahrefs Content Explorer

Finding the best-performing articles in terms of social shares and backlinks.

2. Buzzsumo

Double-checking the data with Buzzsumo.


Keyword Research

I use multiple tools, consisting of Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Moz to research the target keyword and other related search terms.

I especially look for the traffic each keyword brings corresponding to the keyword difficulty (a parameter showing how difficult it is to rank on the 1st page of Google with the given keyword).

Next, I find The Golden Keywords, a self-coined term to derive keywords with high traffic and low keyword difficulty.

I note all the main keywords along with the golden keywords, to make sure that each one of them is strategically used in the article. I specifically make sure that the keywords are used naturally in the piece to add more value.

Finally, I visit Quora and AnswerThePublic to research the top questions people are asking about the topic. I note them down along with the “People also ask” and “Searches related to” feature of Google.

This way, I ensure that all the words and phrases people are entering on search engines are present within the article.

At this juncture, I get all the data inputs I need to create SEO wooing content that will rank high on search engines.

Keyword Research Toolkit

1. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel’s tool has been my trusted source for researching keywords.

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

My go-to tool for all things keywords and content.

3. Moz

A triple check act along with Ubersuggest and Ahrefs (Yes, I nerd out over SEO).

4. Quora

Finding the questions people are asking based on the topic.

5. AnswerThePublic

Finding more relevant questions.

6. Google

Getting data from the horse’s mouth about related searches.


Content Creation Optimization

1. Benefit-driven headline

I will start with a benefit-driven headline. For this, I use topical data derived from Buzzsumo and Ahrefs.

I study the headlines that are ranking on top and have maximum social shares and backlinks.

The idea is to induce emotional triggers and added benefits to the headline to make it more click-worthy.

For example, instead of a headline like – ’10 steps to writing the perfect media pitch’, I will put an angle like – ’10 steps to writing a magnetic media pitch that gets noticed (with examples + templates)’.

2. The curiosity fuel

Next, I will begin the content piece with a curiosity-driven opener.

The idea is to open a loop and build anticipation right at the very beginning of the article.

3. Personality fuel

I make it a point to sprinkle the content with the voice of the brand I am writing for. It adds a personalized human touch that is engaging and energetic.

This includes making the language fun, full of anecdotes, and parables.

The idea is to make the content engaging as we are aiming for the transformation of the reader.

4. Crisp layout

2-3 line paragraphs are ideal for readability and having a great user experience.

I implement this layout for all my articles.

5. Step by step transformation

Our end goal is to make the reader feel a transformative experience.

I do this by giving step by step actionable strategies that take them from point A of pain to point B of solution.

6. Seeding strategy

I keep seeding the content with subscription triggers by incentivizing readers to sign up for bonus materials.

This way, I ensure that my content piece becomes a lead generating asset.

Content Creation Toolkit

1. Web Text Tool

I use this tool for writing rich SEO-friendly content with proper sentiment analysis.

2. Grammarly Premium

For checking grammar and further sentiment analysis.


Content Design Optimization

I have used this self-developed Brand Bridge Solutions® system  to make my blog, The Starting Idea rank on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords in the Startup and Branding space.

Here are some of the keywords for which I have ranked on the 1st page of Google in the past (and present!):

1. Custom design assets

Custom design assets which depict and illustrate the crux of each chapter of the article.

2. Attractive Infographics

Attractive infographics to depict step by step strategies in an easy to understand visual form.

3. Article videos

We will create video stories and other audiovisual content based on the article.

4. Social Media Content Cards

Engaging Social media content cards depicting the main points of the article in visual form.

5. Conversion-focused CTA

Conversion-focused call-to-action banners and images to generate leads.

6. Lead Magnet Covers

Glossy and click-worthy lead magnet/content upgrade covers based on conversion-driven formulas to generate leads.

Design Toolkit

1. Adobe Illustrator

My Design Head uses this tool to create vector-based artwork like illustrations, icons, infographics, graphics, logos, and freehand drawings.

2. Adobe Photoshop

My team uses this tool to create raster-based artwork from posters to social media banners and beautiful websites. Thanks to this software, I edit, transform, adjust, crop, retouch, and repair works of art.

3. Adobe InDesign

My team uses its professional layout and typesetting tools to design eBooks, books, and interactive documents. It allows me to deliver immersive experiences in any format, from EPUB and PDF to HTML.

4. Adobe After Effects

My team uses this software to create animated titles, intros, lower thirds, transitions, and effects. We combine video, images, audio to create viral social media videos.

My team animates logos, shapes, typography to create stunning visuals and set my ideas to motion.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

My team uses this software to edit the videos I make.

6. Adobe Spark

It’s a web tool that makes creating social graphics, web pages, and short videos very fast and easy.

the result: multiple PAGE 1 rankingS on google

I have used this self-developed Brand Bridge Solutions® system  to make my blog, The Starting Idea rank on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords in the Startup and Branding space.

Here are some of the keywords for which I rank on the 1st page of Google:

1) Personal Branding Guide

2) Startup Growth Marketing

3) Startup Growth Hacking

4) Free Ecommerce Tools

5) Free Lead Generation Software

6) Free Competitor Analysis Tools

7) Growth Hacking Examples

8) Content Research Tools

And more.

You will find my content on page 1 of Google worldwide.






A brief overview of my brand (by the numbers):

  • Over 1 million views on my articles across platforms like Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, and YourStory
  • Over 600k impressions on Twitter (main + supporting brands)
  • Ranked no.1 in the world for multiple search terms in branding and entrepreneurship niche
  • Content shared and mentioned by mainstream influencers like Larry Kim, founder of WordStream.
  • DigitalMarketer certified Direct-Response Copywriting and Content Marketing Specialist
  • 15k loyal follower network across multiple social media profiles and brands
  • 5000+ loyal email subscriptions
  • 30k+ overall page views on my marketing blog – The Starting Idea
  • 600+ FB group full of newbie founders and bloggers looking to kickstart their business


“The kind of results and the pace with which he gave us the results…it was magnificent. What’s unique about him is the way he goes ahead with his need-analysis. What makes him special is the choice of language and choice of words that really fits into your need, understanding who you are in business – Aligning with the results that you want for your clients and customers. If you are pressed for time and quality is what matters most to you, I would highly recommend Abhik Shome”

 Ranjan Kumar Varanasi

“I learned non-traditional ways of doing things that could generate me the fastest results.”

Veronika Redding

“I will definitely recommend Abhik to my network, he knows what he is doing, he’s got a lot of strategies that he could recommend to help people and their business.”

Victoria Lee

“And in the first place I was overwhelmed with the amount of free information he shared through his website and through his emails. That’s the most important thing for me. I think for me that you can trust someone and I feel I can trust Abhik and that’s why I would suggest him to others.”

Ongjen Pusac

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